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Кафедра иностранных языков Юго-Западного государственного университета и Научно-образовательный Центр "LSP"  (Язык для специальных целей) регулярно проводят конкурсы перевода. Цели конкурсов: создание условий для развития творческой инициативы и  навыков практического перевода у студентов, магистрантов и аспирантов ЮЗГУ.

В 2023 году конкурс перевода Gold Lines будет посвящён 80-летию победы советских войск над немецко-фашистскими захватчиками в битве на Курской дуге, поэтому задания 1 и 2 этапов будут связаны с указанной темой. Ранее конкурсы проводились на различные темы, например, "Как заказать букет в России?".

How to order a bouquet online with free delivery to another city in Russia?

To make a person happier and more joyful, to cheer up or show respect is very simple - just give a luxurious, charming, fragrant bouquet of your favorite flowers. In the modern world, this can be done without leaving your home or office, even if the recipient is in another city.

Benefits of ordering on floristic websites.

Long distances are easy to overcome today. The means of communication we use allow us to contact a person dear to us at any moment. For example, to receive flowers in Chelyabinsk from a loved one who is currently hundreds of kilometers away is a real and most pleasant surprise.
How to send a bouquet to another city?

Find floristic sites on the Internet, for example https://floristum.ru/en/, which arrange flowers delivery in Russia. Carefully read the proposed terms of the order.

Check out the range of flower arrangements on selected sites. Choose three or four bouquets you like. Check with online consultants which combinations of colors and aromas are most suitable for your case. Decide which of these bouquets will enchant the recipient.

Contact consultants by phone or e-mail, determine the flowers delivery date and address in Saint Petersburg, check the correctness of the entered data and the price of the bouquet, ask to mark your special wishes in the order. If, for example, you are interested in the delivery of bouquets to a corporate party by bank transfer, let the consultant know.All such sites accept payment by card and cash.

Floristic sites provide additional services:

- You can choose a bouquet from those offered on the site. Florists can assemble a flower arrangement individually for you from a photo or based on your wishes.

- One of the most demanded additional services of floristic websites is the opportunity to put a postcard with an original congratulatory wish into the bouquet. If you want to make a real surprise, then choose the anonymous delivery service.

- You can also impress the recipient of your bouquet with exquisite flower packaging.

- A cute addition to a flower arrangement can be a soft toy, a box of your favorite sweets or a small gift. Find out what your loved one would like to receive along with the bouquet. Your surprise will cause a lot of positive emotions.

- Many sites offer such services as an SMS message about the delivery of a bouquet to the addressee, a photo of the addressee with the received flowers. Delivery on https://floristum.ru/en/ around the clock, as well as on weekends.

- Sites offer a system of discounts and accumulative cards to regular customers. So your next purchases will be even more pleasant for you.

It is very easy to place an order for a flower arrangement on the floristic website https://floristum.ru/en/. And the gifted person will receive an excellent mood along with flowers and will feel your care, respect or love!

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