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About us

The Southwest State University is located in Kursk, Central Russia. It is housed in several buildings in different city locations. The main campus is in 50 Let Oktyabrya Street (see map) The university is  the city’s biggest educational institution, with around 11 000  students receiving educations within the 100 main areas of engineering,  science, social  sciences and humanities.
We focus on the students
In all aspects – academic, environmental and personal – the staff at SWSU Campus takes the students’ needs into consideration.
There is, however, always room for improvement, and we are always interested in your opinion. In the spring of 2011, the Executive Board of the University of Southern Denmark thus launched a project called “De studerende i centrum” (Focus on the students) with five working groups to focus on ensuring and improving an inspirational learning environment in a motivating study environment with first class service, as perceived by the students. For example, Head of Campus Kolding, Mrs Jette Damsted Olsen, is participating in the working group that focuses on improving the physical, social and virtual study environment, and two other employees at campus Kolding have also joined the working groups.
Below you will find information on our current measures to ensure that we are always focusing on the students. Please let us know, if you have any ideas for further improvements.

Our staff will assist you in all matters
The staff at Faculty Dean’s Offices  (сделать ссылку) is divided into study lines and the various secretaries are therefore specialized in the rules and regulations of your specific study program. They may assist you in all practical matters, and they know each of their students personally. Furthermore, Faculty Dean’s Offices offer student counseling, e.g. admission, registration, change of program, leave of absence, etc. 
The researchers/lecturers often have open office hours and are available for any academic question that may arise – either by personal address, by phone or by e-mail.
The International Office
At campus Kolding the International Office is represented by Dmitry Titov e-mail: and 1. Asia and Africa region - BARRING EDU TRAINING (Mr. Shreedharan Samy) e-mail:; 2. Nigeria (Presidental Program) - EMAN LOGISTICS LTD (Dr. Maurice Okoli) e-mail:; 3. Nigeria - SHERAMUS GLOBAL SERVICES LTD e-mail:; 4. Equador - Gerrero Sedenio Gilermo e-mail:
 If you need any information on admission, study programs etc., you may contact who is also the study secretary . If you need information on housing, residence permits and all other practical matters, you may contact Read more about the International Office here.
Social life
SWSU Student Council  is a non-political student organization for all students at the Southwest University.    SC is your voice at SWSU campus, as the organization is in close dialogue with the campus management.
SC plays an important role in the social life at SWSU, for example through festivals, outings, parties and other University events.
When you enrol at SWSU, you are automatically a member of SC and thereby have the possibility of influencing the social life on campus.

SC has a close cooperation with Café  on SWSU main campus territory.
The good atmosphere of the café invites you to do whatever you please – so, whether you are into playing cards or partying, ”the boat” is the place for you. Among other things, there is a large number of games to play, such as backgammon, cards, table football, dice, shuffleboard, the U-boat’s own board game and self-invented beer games.
With SWSU Sports   you also have the opportunity to work out. SWSU Sports, which you can find on SWSU's website, on their own website offers different kinds of sporting activities to both students and employees.
In the basement,  on the second and fifth floor you will find   cafeterias   which offer  a wide variety of hot meals, sandwiches and salads. There is also students diner located in a detached building in 100 meters from the main academic building on SWSU campus. 
E-learning is an integrated part of all study program at SWSU. The system is called "Learning courses of SWSU"  and both secretaries and lecturers use the system to upload study material and/or information on deviations from the agreed time schedule. We also use this platform to communicate and exchange files with the students, and most assignments are to be uploaded here as well. 
Library service
In our library   you will find the literature for your study program both for loan and for studies in its reading-halls. In addition, the library offers access to many search facilities and databases via the internet. Furthermore, you may also access the library database from your smartphone.
Students’ bookstore
Before the beginning of a semester, the books that you need for your courses will be available at the bookstore at campus Kolding. The bookstore also carries other student supplies, like calculators, pens and note books. The students’ bookstore is found by entrance B.
Internet and computer access
Our students have access to the internet and the MS Office program via the computer stations located on two of the floors, and in addition to this, there are five computer rooms and a number of group rooms of which some are also equipped with computers. However, you may also bring your own laptop and connect it to the university’s wireless network. The university’s wireless network is available all over campus.
The university building
The university is housed in several premises with its old building in the center of the city and the main campus with a nine-storey academic building, student hostels, sport facilities, swimming pool, etc. in a relatively new district.    In all buildings you will find   large auditoria and class rooms, computer rooms and group rooms of various sizes.    Easy access for the disabled or walking-impaired is ensured  by slides, lifts and elevators. The surrounding green areas create an inviting social environment.

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