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Chief editor of the scientific journal

Sergey G. Emelyanov (b. 11 Aug 1964, Kursk) — Russian scientist and worker of education, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, rector  Southwest State University since 2008.


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Chief editor of the scientific journal

Sergey G. Emelyanov (b. 11 Aug 1964, Kursk) — Russian scientist and worker of education, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, rector, southwest state University since 2008.



Born on 11 Aug 1964 in Kursk. After finishing school (1981) arrived at the Kursk Polytechnic Institute for training in the specialty "Technology of mechanical engineering, metal-cutting machines and tools (faculty of mechanical engineering). In 1986, successfully completed a course and received a diploma with honors; was also awarded the sign of Russian Ministry of education "For excellent study".

He began his career at the Department of "Machines and tools" Kursk Polytechnic Institute. 1987-graduate student of the Tula Polytechnic Institute. In 1990 he defended his thesis on "Mathematical model for design and manufacturing teams of cutters, are equipped with a multi-faceted profile plates".

From January 1991 continued the work of the Department "Machines and tools", in 2000 became its head.

Since 1999 was in doctoral studies of the Moscow state technological University "Stankin". In February 2001 he defended his doctoral thesis on "development of the theory of the methods and means of formation of surface precast metal cutting tools based on system modeling of the process of design".

In 2001 he became head of the Department "machine building technologies and equipment".

From 2002 to 2007 was the Pro-rector on scientific work and international relations KurskSTU.

In 2008 he was elected rector of KurskSTU[2010, southwest state University].


Scientific and educational activities

Under the leadership of S. G. Emelyanov carry out the scientific work of undergraduate and graduate students. In 1996, the work of the student of the 5th course KurskSTU Vladimir Kuts, the scientific leader of which was S. G. Emelyanov, received the status of "the Best student scientific work of Russia". In 2000, under the scientific supervision of S. G. Emelyanov 6 PhD students defended their theses. S. G. Emelyanov also manages research projects in the framework of the Federal target scientific-technical programs "the Federal-regional policy in science and education", "Scientific potential of higher education", "Research in priority directions in science and technology", etc.

Author of over 150 scientific and methodical works, including 10 monographs, 6 textbooks and manuals approved by the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation.

Is Deputy Chairman of the editorial Board of the series of textbooks "Modern mechanical engineering, which is recognized as the "Textbook of the year 2005" and awarded the medal "100 best Universities of Russia" in the nomination "Textbook of the year".

In 2004, S. G. Emelyanov won the presidential grant "Young doctors of Sciences".


Social activities

S. G. Emelyanov takes part in the work of various social organizations, in particular the non-commercial partnership "Kursk territorial Institute of professional accountants", whose President is currently; actively participates in public life of the Kursk region, taking part in the implementation of comprehensive programmes for economic development of the region and developing draft legislative acts of Kursk region, associated with the scientific-technical and innovative activity.


Membership in the public and government bodies

Member of the expert Council on awarding scholarships of the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation Federal Agency for education.

The Chairman of the Committee on science, education and culture of the Public chamber of Kursk region.

President of the Kursk territorial Institute of professional accountants.

Chairman of the coordination Council on innovative activity at the Head of Administration of Kursk.

Member of coordination Council on small business at the Head of Administration of Kursk.

Member of the coordination Council on scientific-technical and innovation under the government of the Kursk region.

Member of the coordinating Council on information security under the Governor of the Kursk region.

Deputy Chairman of the editorial Board of the series "Modern mechanical engineering".

Member of the international editorial Board of "Modern entrepreneurship: economic and social dimension".

Deputy Chairman of the Kursk regional branch of the Academy of quality problems of the Russian Federation, academician of the Academy of quality problems of the Russian Federation.

Deputy Chairman of the Kursk regional branch of the International Academy of Sciences of Higher school, academician IHEAS.


Major works

Emelyanov S. G., Lashnev S. I., Borisov A. N. Geometric theory of formation of surface cutting tools. — Kursk, 1997. — 390 S. — ISBN 5-7681-0025-3.

Emelyanov S. G., A. V. Nikolaev, " Formal grammar and the grammatical network. Features of the application at the decision of tasks of recognition and processing of complex structured heterogeneous data and knowledge. — M.: Higher school, 2005. — 251 S. — ISBN 5-06-005514-0.

Emelyanov S. G., Borisoglebskaya L. N. Economic mechanism of strategic management of the development of the University. — M.: Higher school, 2007. — 223 p. — ISBN 978-5-06-005821-5.

Emelyanov S. G., Takisawa I. V., E. G. Bayankina Comprehensive protection of information objects: a tutorial in English. — Kursk: KurskSTU, 2008. — 98 p. — ISBN 978-5-7681-0370-5.

Emelyanov S. G., Zubarev E. K., Kupriyanova I. Y. Assessment of competitiveness: a textbook for University students. — Kursk: KurskSTU, 2008. — 263 S. — ISBN 978-5-7681-0360-6.

Emelyanov S. G., Pashin V. P., Bogdanov S. V. State alcohol policy in Russia: from Witte to Stalin (government, society, illegal markets). — Kursk: KurskSTU, 2008. — 258 S. — ISBN 978-5-7681-0404-7.

Emelyanov S. G., Kuts V. V. Mathematical modeling of prefabricated shaped cutters. — Kursk: KurskSTU, 2008. — 253 S. — ISBN 978-5-7681-0364-4.

Emelyanov S. G., Shapovalova, Yu. d., D. I. Yakirevich Accelerated determination of the fatigue properties of steel by eddy current method. — Kursk: KurskSTU, 2009. — 132 S. — ISBN 978-5-7681-0452-8.