Each nation has its history and its heroes. The ancient Kursk land with its nightingale songs is an integral part of the glorious history of the Russian people. This place is unique for its centuries-old history and talented citizens. Throughout hundreds of years Kursk played an important role in the development of the Russian State being a key fortress of the Kiev State first and then of the Moscow State, fighting against external enemies, broadening trade links, strengthening economy and defense of the country.

Southwest State University was established in 1964 as Kursk Polytechnical Institute, in 1994 it became Kursk State Technical University, and then in 2010 for great achievements in science and education as well as in public activity it was renamed in Southwest State University according to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The head of the University is Rector Sergey Gennadievich Emelyanov, grand PhD in mechanical engineering, Academician.

Nowadays SWSU is a modern and rapidly developing complex which meets the requirements of a constantly changing world, leading centre of education and science in Kursk.

Grand PhDs and PhDs training is the main objective of the University which determines its future development. The academic staff comprises around eight hundred people: over a hundred of them are full professors, Grand PhDs, and around 500 of them are PhDs.

Southwest State University takes an active part in international activity. It maintains close contacts with more than 70 higher educational institutions of many countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and America, with cultural and scientific organizations as well as with the leading Russian enterprises. Innovations of SWSU scientists in mechatronics and robotics, information technology, machine building are used in aircraft and space industry in Russia and abroad.

Nowadays more than 15 thousand students are getting their degrees in various forms of education. Over 125 qualifications are available at the University. PhD and Grand PhD studies are offered in more than 40 fields. All educational programs meet international higher education standards. The number of educational programs constantly increases. In 2012 the university offered new Art specialities: “Music and Theatre” and “Vocal Art”. The Honored Artist of Russia Irina Starodubtseva teaches here.

SWSU is engaged in development and realization of joint educational programs including distant technologies. Most of them are based upon exchange in the sphere of education and science; some programs focus on joint academic exchange and even double-degree programs (with the universities of Bulgaria, China, Italy, France).

SWSU scientists conduct joint scientific research with their colleagues from France, Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, Poland, Jordan and many other countries. Professors, PhD students and students of SWSU participate in various international and All-Russian conferences and congresses, get their professional training in scientific and educational institutions abroad.

Southwest State University provides first-class equipment, good teaching facilities, a great number of lecture-halls, modern laboratories, computer classes, internet-halls, scientific library. This allows not only to organize the educational process at a high level but also to perform scientific research and to conduct complex practical experiments in such areas as nanotechnology, biomedicine, electrical engineering, etc.

SWSU is a scientific complex with highly developed infrastructure. On the territory of the University campus there is a medical centre, a stadium, sports facilities, a leisure centre and several comfortable hostels for students from other regions of Russia and foreign students.

The University sports complex is one of the best complexes in Kursk region and it is a good ground for training highly qualified sportsmen. International and All-Russian sports competitions and championships are held there. There are 87 masters of sports including honored ones and masters of international level and 89 champions and prize-winners of the Olympic Games, World Championships, European and Russian Championships among the students and graduates of SWSU.

Teams and bands of the Centre of Students’ Creativity Development participate in Russian and international competitions and contests in Russia and abroad. They take part in various concerts and festivals in Kursk and Kursk region having the reputation of the students’ aristocracy of talent. There are a lot of activities for personal creative development at the Centre like theatre, vocal classes, instrumental music (violin, guitar, saxophone, vocal and instrumental ensembles, rock and rap bands, etc.). Every student can develop his skills in singing, dancing or playing musical instruments in this Centre.

Southwest State University is one of the leading universities in the Black Soil Region. It has been training specialists for other countries over 20 years. More than 2 thousand foreign specialists studied at the university and were awarded the qualification of Engineer, Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees.

Now more than 300 students from 44 countries study at the SWSU. Educational programs are available both in Russian and in English. Mastering the Russian language is based upon the new methods taking into account national and specific features of the students. SWSU offers Russian language courses (3 and 6 months period) and preparatory course for foreign students.

The advantages of studying in SWSU:

· SWSU graduates are highly qualified specialists working all over the world

· High-quality education according to state standards

· Good teaching and technical facilities, one of the largest libraries of the Black Soil Region

· Guarantees for stability and moderate prices

· Variety of educational programs and forms of education


Postal address:

st. 50 let Oktyabrya, 94

Kursk, Russia 305040

Phone/fax +7 (4712) 50-48-20

e-mail: rector@swsu.ru


Entrance Committee

+7 (4712) 51-50-23

International Relations Department

+7 (4712) 50-47-99


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