картаAbout 400 foreign students from 30 countries are trained in the university in 70 directions. They take an active part in the life of the university and the city

One of the best traditions of the University is to hold international festivals and competitions that involve foreign students from different universities of the city. Such a fruitful development of spiritual and cultural ties would deepen trust and understanding between people of different nationalities and faiths, helps to understand each other better.

# Фестиваль "Солнечный день"

Festival Sunny Day


The Faculty of the university in the frames of academic mobility conduct extension courses for foreign specialists, and the students are trained to get a Master Degree, participate in research internships.

Internship in Austria

Collaborative Research and Development with Foreign Scientists

Within the Federal Target Program "Research and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovation Russia for 2009-2013" in the frames of “Scientific research teams led by the invited researchers' the university scientists together with French colleagues do research work on the topic “Development and creation of mobile robots based on parallel mechanisms”.

Grand PhD in mechanical engineering S Yatsun with colleagues, first stage of the project realization

Bilateral Cooperation with Foreign Countries


SWSU cooperates with a number of universities of France in the following directions:

- training for getting a Master Degree in the National Engineering School ENISE, the city of St.-Etienne;
- French students’ internship at the History and socio-cultural service Department in “Economics in tourism business”;

- organization of economic and linguistic internship at the University of Sophia Antipolis, Nice.

The Republic of Serbia

The University together with the Association of Serbia-Russian friendship Society, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and the Embassy of Russia in the Republic of Serbia is actively working on opening SWSU offices in the Republic of Serbia to distance education of citizens of Serbia in the social and humanities field.


The Faculty of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication of SWSU has cooperative links with the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Bologna (Italy) and carries out the following work:

- delivering lectures by professors and teachers from Italy;

- conducting linguistic practice (summer language school) for students specializing in theoretical and applied linguistics at the University of Bologna


The University successfully develops cooperation with the Russian-Chinese Fund for Cultural Development and Education, the Chinese-Russian Educational Association, the Far Eastern Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


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The signing of a cooperation agreement between SWSU and the Chinese -Russian Educational Association - Jilin Institute of the Russian language.

The signing of a cooperation agreement between SWSU and non-commercial organization "Russian-Chinese Fund for Cultural Development and Education.

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