International Activities2

Admission of foreign citizens to KurskSTU for the basic educational programs training of the higher vocational education is carried out according to the international contracts of the Russian Federation and the intergovernmental agreements of the Russian Federation at the expense of the means of the corresponding budget (including within the established by the Government of the Russian Federation quota), and also under the contracts with the payment of the cost of training by natural and (or) legal persons.

For training according to the bachelor degree program or preparation of a specialist a foreign citizen has the right to apply for participation in several fields of training (specialities), according to the contracts with the payment of the cost of training. In the application the entrant can give the list of the fields of training (specialities) in which the priorities are defined personally by the entrant. The quantity of the declared fields of training (specialities) is not limited.

A foreign citizen entering the university according to the program of a bachelor degree or the program of preparation a specialist presents the certificate of education of the foreign state, accepted as equivalent to the certificate of the state sample of the secondary (full) general education or secondary vocational education in the Russian Federation.

For master degree training foreign citizens must have the certificate of education of the foreign state, which is equivalent to the bachelor degree or the diploma of a specialist in the Russian Federation.

When applying to KurskSTU the foreign citizen tender the following documents:
- Original certificate of education of the foreign state and its enclosure
- the certified translation into Russian of the certificate of education of the foreign state and its enclosure;
- a copy of the document proving the identity of a foreign citizen
- a copy of the entry visa to the Russian Federation
- 6 photos (3×4 cm in the size);

 A foreign citizen can sent an application for the admission, and all the necessary documents as a registered letter with notification and the list of the enclosed documents by post. The notification and the certified list of the enclosed documents are the basis of admission of the entrant’s documents. All postage is compensated by the sender.

Entrance examinations for the foreign citizens are held in the form of an interview.

The following entrance examinations are defined for specialties of all forms of training:
- Russian language
- Mathematics
- Physics (or Sociology)

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