Main scientific directions of SWSU

Priority directions of development of science, technologies
and technics and critical technologies of SWSU

Priority directions of the high school

Critical technologies

Information-telecommunication technologies and electronics

1. High-efficiency computing systems.
2. Computer modeling.
3. Artificial intellect
4. Information-telecommunication systems
5. Recognition of images and the analysis of images
6. Opto - radio- and acoustoelectronics, optical and microwave communication

Industrial technologies

7. Mechatronical technologies.
8. Laser and electric-ionic-plasma technologies
9. Estimation, complex development of deposits and deep processing of strategically important raw materials.
10. The microsystem technics
11. Information integration and system support of life cycle of production (САLS- technologies, САD-, САМ-, САЕ-).
12. Precision and nanometric technologies of processing, assemblage, control.
13. Technologies of the industry of light industry
14. Nanotechnologies.

New materials and chemical technologies

15. Metals and alloys with special properties.
16. Catalytic systems and technologies
17. Materials for micro- and nanotechnologies
18. Membrane technologies
19. Polymers and composites

Technologies of live systems

20. Safety and quality assurance of agricultural raw materials and foodstuff.
21. Life-support systems and protection of the person
22. Bioinformation technologies
23. Synthesis of medical products and food additives

Power engineering and power supply

24. Power saving up technologies
25. Manufacture and electric power transportation
26. Increase of efficiency of use of pneumoenergy of mountain cars.

Ecology and rational nature management

27. Decrease of risk and reduction of consequences of natural and technogenic accidents.
28. Environment monitoring
29. Nature protection technologies, processing and recycling of technogenic formations and waste

Vital activity environment

30. Technologies of safety and durability of an engineering infrastructure, buildings and constructions.
31. Building composites and materials.
32. Resource and power minimization in a building complex.
33. Microclimate technologies

Social and economic and legal aspects of a human activity in a modern society

34. Complex studying of a person: philology, psychology, pedagogic
35. Sociocultural changes in modern Russia, a role of a person in public changes.
36. Prospects of development of human rights and the world.
37. History of separate processes, parties and phenomena of a human activity
38. Social and economic trajectories of development
39. Economic growth, employment and competitiveness in a knowledge society.
40. Structural reorganization of a higher education system.

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